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The PureTrim Mediterranean Wellness Shakes are a natural approach to weight loss,
based on the time-tested ingredients that have been part of the Mediterranean lifestyle for centuries.*


This unique,
whole body approach to weight loss is the solution for shedding pounds and for achieving overall wellness.
In addition, it tastes delicious and leaves you feeling full for hours. * Try the mouth-watering shakes choice of three flavors!

Important Benefits:
Leaves you full for hours
Only 199 calories per shake
Less than 1 gram of sugar
High Protein, Low Carb
100% Gluten-Free

Here is what is in it:
High Protein Energy Shake
 • 21g Protein (NON-GMO Vegetable Pea & Brown Rice Protein)
 • 8g Net Carbs (15g total)
 • Antioxidants & Probiotics
 • Mediterranean Essential Fatty Acid Blend
 Prebiotic and Enzyme Blend
Ionic Plant Trace Mineral Blend (from ocean plant)
Anti-Stress & Energy Blend
Mediterranean Skin & Digestion Blend
Super Greens Blend
No Soy • No Whey • No Dairy • No Aspartame • No Sucrose

Listed in the 2014 Physicians' Desk Reference for Nonprescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements.

Suggested Use:
Using the Shaker Cup: Vigorously mix contents of PureTrim® Mediterranean Wellness Shake in chilled water.
Use 10 oz. of water for a thick shake, or up to 12 oz. for a thinner shake. Add 1 or 2 ice cubes for better flavor.
When using a blender, you may use more ice cubes.
Make sure you drink 1 glass of water after you drink your shake for best results.
For Weight Loss: Drink 2 shakes a day.
For Maintenance or Wellness: Drink 1 shake a day.

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